2020 Celebrations Suite Sneak Peek!

In my world, a Launch day is like Morning and the Sneak Peek is like back in the day when you waited for the Toys R Us Big Toy Book to arrive so you could dog ear all the pages of the things you wanted to show to and .

The new 2020 goes live on September 15 at 9 am Mountain Time! (11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 8AM Pacific, 7AM Alaska)

Today, September 11, tune in on my Facebook Business Page and/or YouTube and I’ll do a Celebrations Suite sneak peek! Not sure of the time, but you can turn on notifications on either page so you’ll know when I do it. I can tell you there will be 27 and 2 other new items! Plus, you’ll get a link to the online so you can plan your haul on the 15th!

Stay Safe and on!


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