A Flurry of Activity at Chalk Couture this December

Well, November flew by like a Starbucks Red Cup Day. Here and gone in a blink of an eye. I spent an entire day Un-Falling my store to get ready for the shopping days that also came and went. (BTW I have some cute stuff in the store. Drop in if you’re in the neighborhood of Audubon NJ, or check it out at craftycouturediystudio.com) I would love to take a minute to enjoy my fire pit, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Oh well, I’ll rest when I’m dead, right? So, on to December and the flurry of new stuff from Chalk Couture in December.


I’ve been informed of something important that I want to pass on. As it is the busiest shipping time of the year, keep in mind that the carriers are anticipating longer transit times. Please allow for additional delivery time. You are encouraged to place orders for Christmas delivery no later than DECEMBER 7, 2021. Yes, that’s only a few days from now, I know. The thing is, it may be okay after that, but it may not, so this is the play it safe date. Otherwise, you may need to write an “It’s in the Mail” for an order you intended as a Christmas Gift. It’s unfortunately a sign of the times.

Now on to happier news…

New Designer Kit

This is so cool. A new Designer Starter Kit! I love what they put in it. Check it out.

Chalk Couture Designer Starter Kit Spring 2021

There are so many benefits to becoming a designer, see them here, but if this kit doesn’t seal the deal, I don’t know what will. Ready to dive right in? Get started now by going to my chalk site, here.

December Club Couture

Another month, another Club Couture.

Pretty Nice, huh?

The December 2021 Club Couture™ Transfer is a great way to kick off your new year, sending vibes for good things to happen in 2022. For new chalkers and those who prefer a more simple project, this Chalk Transfer® design looks amazing chalked all in one color. For meticulous crafters and those who like to take things above and beyond, it’s a great chance to show off detail work, adding different hues to the design.

We’re showing off a bit here with a busier design; make it pop with a surface sized to allow a bit of empty space in the border around it. We’ve chosen to add our old staple Bright White (item P181121). The subscription includes Chalkology® Paste Singles in Couture Teal, Eucalyptus, and Peachy Keen, which can be used here or saved for future projects.

No matter how you chalk it, good things are going to happen!

What is Club Couture? It’s inspiration with Chalk Couture’s reinvention of the subscription box! New designs each month for a super reasonable price. Get more info and subscribe here.

My Exclusive 12 Days of Christmas offers

If you didn’t know, I have a VIP group on Facebook. In this group, I offer special deals on Chalk Couture products, special bundles and other exclusive fun stuff just for my groupies, like watching demo videos and more tips and tricks on working with your Chalk Couture products to make beautiful things. Right now, I am about half way through my 12 Days of Christmas promo, where I offer exclusive bundles and other discounts and promotions. If this sounds like something you want to do, and why wouldn’t you, stop in at my Facebook Chalk Couture VIP group page and request to join. Let the fun begin!

Winter Warm Up

It’s almost time for a Winter Warm up! That means fresh new stuff from Chalk Couture. Coming soon, on December 8th, 11AM EST, be on the look out for a mini catalog of new transfers, surface, and kits! I can’t really share much more right now, but it’s contents are sure to be a nice boost of brand new stuff to play with. I can’t wait! The products being launched in our new Winter Warm-Up brochure are perfect for cozy winter crafts that will break the ice into next year! Look for links here closer to the 8th. More info also to come on my Facebook Page as well as my Facebook VIP Group.

Whew. That’s a lot to digest for one day. I think I’ll go catch my breath, get a cuppa and get to chalkin’.

Stay Safe and Chalk on,


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