A New Quarantine Activity-Chalking!

Quarantine. Ugh. If I ever hear that word again after this year it will be too soon. While we are climbing out of it, many states are still in the “red” stage. The Guv here in New Jersey is a hard ass when it comes to quarantine. And while that’s probably a good thing, it’s also hard on some people in a negative socioeconomic way. Without getting into the politics of the subject, my point is that now is the time, since there’s so much more of it, to try new things. A quarantine activity like home improvements, learning a new skill, reading up on things you’ve been missing, learning more about your loved ones.

How about a new skill that can be both fun and rewarding? Chalk Couture can do that for you with fabulous high end chalking supplies that anyone can use with success. No more buying crappy dollar store decorations or blowing a big juicy wad at Home Goods (although that IS fun). Just a few minutes and – bang – gorgeous stuff you made yourself for any decor.

So that sounds great, but I know some of you may be skeptical. You may doubt your skills and not want to make a big investment. That’s okay cos I have a solution for you. A Try Me Kit!

For a small investment about the size of a dinner at the Diner, you can give it a try! Check out the Try Me Kits here. It comes with the supplies you need to complete the project, plus instructions on how to do it.

Love Brings Us Home Chalk Couture Try-Me Kit

Here’s just one of the three available Try Me Kits available. This one Includes:

  • Chalk Transfer™ – No Bad Days (A-sized, 5” x 7”)
  • Surface – Pallet Sign (5” x 7”)
  • Chalkology™ Paste Singles (.19 US fl. oz.) – Storm, Couture Teal
  • Tool – Mini Squeegee

And who know, you could like chalking so much, you may want to make a side hustle out of it. You totally can! (And I can help you with that too in the USA and Canada )

So pick up a Try Me Kit and chase those blues away with a new quarantine activity. Do it with your spouse and kids or just consider it a peaceful activity all for yourself.

Stay safe and chalk on!


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