All Good Things Must Come to an End so Get Them Now

It’s one of those phrases. You either nod sadly in agreement or resist the urge to render a throat punch to the perpetrator for even thinking it.

All Good Things Must Come To An End


Yes, Chaucer. The one that penned Canterbury tales. One of those pieces of Lit that invokes College PTSD. Yeah, that one. Anyway, its coming to it with some of the winter catalog transfers. There are some that are in low supply and will soon be gone with the wind. Soon to be retired transfers. So what to do? What. To. Do.

Here’s what you should do. Get to my store right now and snag these transfers before they disappear forever. There are some goodies to be had. Here are just a couple…

Love this one – Dreams
This one too – Sprinkled with Love

Hopefully my old english lit reference didn’t give you the willies. Snag your faves real soon. Get those soon to be retired transfers. Stay safe and Chalk on!


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