This House Was Clean…But Was It Ever?

I must say, sometimes I feel like I’m an inadequate momwife. I mean, how did my mom keep our house clean, take care of my family and hold down a job all on her own? I’ve learned to live with chaos, but I don’t prefer it. Luckily I’m at a […]

Work That Chalkology Ink for Fun Personal Projects and More!

Chalkology Ink. Sometimes it comes off as the red headed stepchild of Chalkology Paste, but it really is quite versatile and fun to work with. Chalkology Ink is permanent color when heat set and is ideal for fabric, apparel, and other heat-safe surfaces. Read all use and care instructions for […]

Throwback Thursday and a fun discovery.

This post was originally created about a year ago, so some paste and the transfer is out of date. I will suggest current options as needed. Enjoy! Quick post today. So about a month ago, I decided to experiment with Chalk Couture ink and printable vinyl sheets. I noticed in […]

Love my Bunny Cut Outs and Bunny Duo Transfer

Easter is a comin’ and that means cute bunnies and eggs and pastel all the things! Bunnies bunnies bunnies! White fluffy, cute and cuddly, bunny butts, sweet wiggly noses. Cuteness overload!!! So here’s a cute project I came up with. If you don’t know, Chalk Couture has bunny cutouts!! Fun […]

Tip Tuesday – Easy Ways to Bring Farm Charm to Your Home.

Ah, Farmhouse. It’s a lovely design trend that I’m still in love with. It’s a make you feel at home kind of vibe. I’ve always been a suburban girl, but my trusty assistant grew up in rural Salem County, New Jersey. She makes it sound other worldly, folks with heavy […]


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