Hop into my Spring/Easter 2021 Target Haul!

It was back to the Church of Bullseye the other day. Topic of the Target Haul sermon of the season? Spring and Easter. There was plenty of praise from me for inspirational things to pick up and prayers were answered in finding potential surfaces to chalk on. So here’s Part […]

Valentine’s Day Target Haul Part II

Well friends, it’s Part II of the Valentine’s Target Haul and I had lots of fun with it. There were plenty more items to show than Part I, that’s for sure. So much potential to repurpose or just use as is. Make sure to get to the end for the […]

Valentine’s Day Target Haul Part 1

So back to Bullseye’s Playground for the hauliest of hauls cos, yes, Valentine’s Day is a comin’. And boy is it, cos this is a two parter (for now). Target clearly did their research for this one. There’s so much fantastic stuff I can only hope to get more of. […]

Target Haul. Last of the Christmas Hauls.

Back at the Church of Bullseye for one more wee Christmas Target Haul. There were just a few things I was looking for and found…yay! If this weren’t so fun for me it would be exhausting. It’s the thrill of the hunt. Is there a big boulder bearing down behind […]


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