Chalk Couture has Glow in the Dark Chalk Paste? Yes please!

I’ve always been fascinated by Glow in the Dark stuff. I was the kid that had the Glow Worm in bed with me and the plastic stars plastered everywhere in my bedroom. So when I heard Chalk Couture was getting a Glow in the Dark Chalk Paste, I was over the moon and back again. What a great idea, Chalk Couture!

So creamy, dreamy and glowy. Okay, that may not be a word, but i was amazed how cool this looked after I charged it up. (more on that in a minute). Here are the steps to making the most of this exciting new product!

1. Layer the color you want seen during the day. In daylight you will just see your original artwork as chalked. Just chalk it as you normally would. And keep in mind, a little paste goes a very, very long way. You don’t need much at all.

2. Dry your design. This is important. It has to be nice and dry for the next layer to be applied. If not, the transfer will stick and stuff will smudge and that will make baby Jesus cry. Use the Quick Dry Tool to speed things up.

So here’s my design for example:

Glow in the Dark Paste Project.

3. I am about to go over the skeletons with the Glow in the Dark Chalk Paste. All you do is line up the transfer over this design and layer over the existing skeletons with the glow paste. The Glow in the Dark chalk paste is translucent so while you can’t really tell it’s there in the light, when the lights go out, it’s fantastic! One thing to note is that this will not be permanent on textiles. It’s not washable and it will wash it if you do. You could, say, use it on a pillow case. Just know that you won’t be able to wash it.

4. Charge it under the light. You have to allow the paste to “charge up” It needs time in bright light to activate the glowing properties of the paste .

5. Turn out the lights. Be sure and test it out by turning off the lights to take a look at your project in all its glowing glory.

6.Bask in the glow of your awesome project. It looks so cool, no? I just love it and I can see so many applications. I plan on doing a bunch of skeleton cutouts to hang from the rafters on my porch. I got the cutouts on Etsy in a shop called Stencil Wood Cuts Shop.

Here you can see my finished product glowing away. I even set the paste jar out so you can see it glow too. This is the coolest stuff, ever!

Check out the video below where I create this project with my special guest: my youngster nephew “The Bean”. He’s one of my favorite helpers and just proves that anyone can chalk!

The bigger project was already done ahead, but the smaller one is in the video and you can get all you need to make it by going to this cart in my store.

Glow it up, stay safe and chalk on!

Jessica Wilson


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