Chalk Couture: New Hobby, New Business, New Career.

In these crazy times, people need to keep busy. If the insanity of being quarantined in this day and age wasn’t enough, there’s all that goes with it… boredom, loneliness, and even, dare I say it, unemployment and loss of income. Hopefully this is over soon, but in the meantime, I might be able to help you with some of it. New Hobby. New Business. New Career.

New Hobby

Chalk Couture is a simple and fun hobby to get into. You can make so many great things for yourself and others and designs that go with just about any style home decor. Look how easy it is:

You can start with a Try Me Kit, or jump right in with a Starter Kit (scroll to the bottom to see it).

New Business

If you consider yourself a fast learner and love to craft, why not make a business of it. Many of our designs are in the style of Farmhouse. Still being on trend, (as Chalk Couture always strives to be) it would be really easy to create masterpieces to sell. And since Chalk Couture Chalk transfers are reusable, it’s so easy to do multiples of the same design and switch up the colors, then customize with fonts, embellish with ribbons, etc. You’ll be ready for a craft show, online store or vendor fair in no time; or you could simply host Sip and Chalk events. Get going with your own craft business with a Starter Kit.

New Career

Yes, I said career. It is possible and I’m living proof. Not going to lie, it is a lot of work, but with the fantastic, incomparable incentives Chalk Couture offers, it is definitely an achievable goal. Just do your chalky thing and bring people on board with you to form a team. As you do that, sell products as well and you’re on your way to a brand new career. I left my banking career late 2017 and I haven’t looked back. It’s been an exciting and rewarding change that I work hard at and love.

Jessica's Crafty Chalkers

If this sounds like a good fit for you, join my Chalk Couture today! I’m always available for more questions. You can reach me through my Facebook page, where you can also see tons more info on me and Chalk Couture. You can also contact me via email. Or, if you’re ready to jump in, just do it!

Stay safe and chalk on!


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