Chalk Couture Santa I Can Explain Transfer Postcard

Hi friends. I thought this was the coolest idea EVAR. Make a project that looks like a Christmas postcard. It turned out so good, you’d swear Santa’s elves themselves came up with it.

Buddy most certainly did NOT create this project, but he’s still a cool dude.

So here it is, the Santa Postcard. I used LOTS of transfers on this one: North Pole Post Mark, Count Down to Santa, North Pole and Back, and Santa I Can Explain. I used the following Chalk Paste colors: Candy Apple, Meadow, Shimmer Silver, Shimmer Gold, and Black Velvet. I did it on a board from Hobby Lobby. I also used the Fuzzing Towel, Transfer Trimmers, Fine Mist Sprayer, Self Healing Mat, Multi Tool, Stir Sticks, Small Squeegee, and a Mini Squeegee.

How cute is that? Very, I think.

Check out the video to see how I created this super cute project.


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