Chalk Couture Season Harvest Turkey Transfer

Turkeys. The mainstay of Thanksgiving dinner in the United States. It’s a crazy big bird that is pretty darn tasty when stuffed with stale bread and spices, roasted and served with potatoes. (sorry not sorry vegans) Here in South Jersey Suburbia, we have a turkey problem. Yes, turkeys. They roam the neighborhoods, block traffic and even attack your car. They’re pretty dumb and attack their reflection in your car hubcaps or side panel. Nothing like a 30 pound animal flinging itself at your vehicle. They are kinda neat though, wandering through town, doing what turkeys do.

Don’t believe me? Here ya go.

Hello there. I want to peck it. Can I peck it?
Gonna peck it anyway.
All those who wander are not lost, just maybe looking for lunch.

Any-who, who wants to create a cool Thanksgiving project? Cos I have one for you. It’s the Season Harvest Turkey transfer. A farmhouse style design that would go great on most any surface. I’ve chosen to apply it to a dish towel. I used Bark and Candy Apple Couture Inks. I also used a portion of the 11×17 Ink Mat, Stir Sticks, and Mini Squeegees. I think it would give a nice little touch to your kitchen or make a great hostess gift in your holiday travels.

Great looking turkey and no property damage!

Check out the video below to see how I made this great farmhouse thanksgiving design.


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