Check out My Dollar Tree Haul St Patrick’s Day Stuff

Here I am back from Dollar Tree with some St Patrick’s Day items. They have some really great stuff, like galvanized farmhouse items, and wood blanks to be tszujed up with Chalk Couture stuff. Here’s some highlights.

Cute lil’ galvanized bucket. I can chalk something on this for sure. Might even try and take off the Flowers and Garden (cos you know, flowers,).

Cuuuute metal windmillllll!…. Totally ripping this apart and adding it to a farmhouse project. Yep.

Blank Shamrock wreath? Yes please. Endless possibilities. Had to snag it.

Buffalo Plaid Shamrocks anyone? Yep. My first thought, of course.

Aren’t they cute? I might just leave them as is. I could just use them for parts too.

It’s a Shamrock. It’s a chalkboard. It’s a chalkboard shamrock! I can chalk on this baby all day.

That’s it for the highlights. Check out the video below to see my entire Dollar Tree Farmhouse / St Patrick’s Haul

Have fun with my finds, stay safe and Chalk On!


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