Christmas Crafts 2020 Multi Haul Haul… Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Carolina Pottery, Kirklands!

I went on a little roadtrip down south the other day. Had lots of fun, saw some friends and, of course, shopped my heinie off. I was so excited that I just did a Multi Haul Haul video to show off everything I got in one shot. It was a whirlwind shopping tour of Walmart, Kirklands, the Mother of all Hobby Lobby stores, and, a new one to me, Carolina Pottery.

Carolina Pottery is kinda like Hobby Lobby’s 500 pound sister without the crafts. Tons of farmhouse decor and holiday trimmings to be had, some a tad junky but about 90% really nice. Thankfully there aren’t any of these near me cos I’d be way more broke than I already am. Plus, my place would certainly look like an episode of Hoarders Extreme. Anywho, some highlights are below. I most definitely had a blast on my Carolina Pottery Haul.

This was so cute I had to grab it. A Poinsettia you can bend the leaves around and fluff it up. How cute, and, you can always make yourself a stylin’ Demagorgon head. (Google Stranger Things).

Also from Carolina Pottery, they had a whole series of these. I chose the Square tin and the round tray. Gorgeous design as a decor and/or staging item or a vignette.

Another Carolina Pottery Item is this tin barn shaped birdhouse. So cute. I plan to just put a light in it for display..

And a cute little house that I can probably chalk on.

I also hit a place called Christmas Mouse and found this cute Faux candy garland. Lots of staging and decor potential here.

And a super cute lantern. It could be an ornament or added to a vignette or tiered tray.

And a cute Walmart finds. Like these mini tobacco basket ornaments.

And Hobby Lobby Scrabble Tiles.

What a fun shopping trip! Be sure and catch the whole haul on video!

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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