Crystal Ball Persuasion: All Hallows Eve Minis transfer on Crystal Balls.

I’ve loved the All Hallows Eve Minis transfer since I saw a sneak peek back before release. So many different designs. So many things that can be made! This brings me to The Crystal Ball. It’s definitely a must have decoration this time of year. Again I go to the Wizard of Oz. Now THAT was a crystal ball.

I thought I could make my own crystal ball and use it as a a great accent piece with my tiered tray or just as a stand alone piece. Gathering up a few inspirations from different places I came up with a clear glass ornament mounted on a wooden pillar. I just chalked a couple of designs from the All Hallows Eve Minis transfer on clear transparency sheets (remember those?) and slid them inside the ornaments then mounted that on the pillar I painted black. I just love how they turned out, don’t you?

Check out the video below to see how I made this spooky fun project.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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