Dollar Tree Haul! Dolla Dolla Christmas Y’all…

So my most local Dollar Tree got a complete makeover aaaand expansion! ? It’s brand spankin’ new and bee-you-tee-ful. I went right over as soon as they reopened. The good news is, it’s a Dollar Store, cos the haul was giant, my friends.

Oh no, Boromir, I assure you that’s not possible. Taxes aside, that would be like eating one potato chip, or having one beer at happy hour. So what goodies did I get at the brand new Dollar Tree? Plenty.

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Here is some of the Haul. I have links on some of them so you can get them delivered. Caveat: you have to order in bulk when you order online from Dollar Tree, but this way, you can do multiple projects and give them as gifts!

The entire haul is in the video below and I will follow up for the next few days with DIY home decor projects with my finds and using Chalk Couture to make some fabulous stuff.

This was a fun new type of haul for me. There are many more to come, cos it was so awesome!

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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