Dream Bigger transfer on Greyson Board

Today, we’ll jump in the wayback machine to 2 months ago when I chalked the Dream Bigger transfer on a Greyson board. And here’s a fun fact: $2 of every sale of this transfer goes to Watts of Love! This amazing group is a non-profit organization working to empower those without access to electricity in the US and around the world with solar-powered lights, education, relief, and a better way of life.

I used the Dream Bigger transfer on our White Frame Greyson Chalkboard (9×12) and Sage, Guava, and Bright White Chalk Pastes. I am also using the Fuzzing Towel, Transfer Trimmers, Fine Mist Sprayer, Stir Sticks, Color Trays and Mini Squeegees.

dream bigger transfer

Check out the quick video below to see how how I did the Dream Bigger project.

Stay safe and chalk on!


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