Etch Your Way to a Fun New Lemon Glass

Lemon lemons lemons. Love those lemons. Out with the Hot Cocoa Bar, in with the Lemonade Bar! My lemonade bar is finally complete and it turned out fantastic, don’t you think?

A great majority of these items are Chalk Couture. I will link them all a little later in this post, but my faves in this group is the GNOMES. They are still trendy and so so cute. You can get your own set of gnomes here! Let’s get to those etchings.

Here’s how simple this is. Etching cream. Read and follow the directions on the label of your etching cream. I should have worn gloves and used a brush. This stuff is not good for your skin. I mean if it can etch glass, imagine what it would do to your skin. ? I use the Armor Etch, but there are others. The most important things is to make sure the cream covers the whole design. Make it fairly thick. Leave it on for the whole time it recommends. And finally, as soon as the time is up, WASH OFF YOUR TRANSFER. If you let it sit on the transfer more than the time it says, it will damage the transfer. Again, follow the directions on the jar for best results, like this:

So cute, right? And such an easy project. You can also chalk on glass! I have two canisters here that I chalked.

I’m so excited that this all turned out so beautiful. I’ll give you details on these designs below.

I fell in love with this sweet bead set, so I incorporated this in with a tag embellished with a lemon from the Lemon Garland Kit. The chalked canister is done with the sweet tea and sunshine transfer found here. I use Bumblebee paste for the yellow. I wish I could tell you more about the lemon tray, but it is sold out and retired. <sad trombone>

Ice Cold Lemonade Block. This cool design is part of this month’s Club Couture. It looks gorgeous on a block and you can fit it in a tiered tray as well.

So making lemons into lemonade decor is so easy and fun! It’s a sweet way to freshen up your decor.

Stay safe and chalk on,

Jessica Wilson


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