Fall/Winter 2020 Chalk Couture New Product Launch Day!

PLEASE NOTE 2020 Celebrations Suite Launches Today September 15! Detes here.

Yay, it’s that time again! Chalk Couture new product launch day!! So let’s christen this baby and get all the new things!

If you haven’t seen the new stuff, you can see the new catalog here. Then, for the Chalk Couture new product launch just be in my store and ready at 9AM Mountain Standard time when the new products will be available to purchase!

There are so many great new transfers (read: 90 new transfers!) new colors and new surfaces and tools to appeal to any sense of style. Check out the video below to walk through the catalog, but first, some highlights in this post.

There are 90 New Transfers being introduced… 90!! There are new Chalk Stories and Collections included in that. So many new Halloween and Christmas transfers too.

There are also some great new colors, the best of which to me are the new Shimmer Colors Shimmer Crimson, Shimmer Frost and Shimmer Shadow!

Another development in the color world is Palette packs! These are sets of 6 complementary color paste singles. How easy will those demos, parties and Sip and Chalks be now with this new option.

There are some great surfaces to speak of as well. There’s a nice board and base with a fresh stained base. The 5″x7″ Bistro Spinner is my new favorite. It’s a cool double sided black surface on a spinning pillar stand. You can take the board off, chalk it, dry it and reattach it!

Another new surface sure to be a hit is the 5″x5″ double sided box frame. So cute and useful, especially to add to a tiered tray. Door tags are still a thing and Chalk Couture still has them. There’s large ones for B size transfers and smaller cutouts.

Speaking of cutouts, check out the pumpkin cutouts. They come in a two pack of a 10″ and 6″ pumpkin, perfect for all the new halloween transfers! Here, you can see the cutouts and the 5 x 5 boards. So cool, right?

There are even some new and notable tools to talk about. First, the new angled squeegee. It fits great in your hand and has several sides of different lengths, for getting in corners and hard to reach places.

And if that’s not, there’s also a new detail tool. At about 6″ long, it has a pointy end to help pick up transfers or rubbing off dried paste stray marks. The other pencil shaped end gets that paste or ink into the small detailed spots of some transfers.

Also of note is the new surface wax, which changed from a lip balm sized tube to a bigger shoe polish like container. Yay for new wax! And, the new pop up porter tote bag. It’s a great bag that’s big and strong enough to hold bigger surfaces, but yet can be collapsed and folded up when not in use.

Don’t forget to be in my store for the Chalk Couture new product launch and get to shopping at 9AM MST! Yay!!


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