Farmhouse Beads: A Must Have Maker Accessory

Farmhouse beads are a decorating trend that seems to be hanging in. I mean, how can it not; they are so versatile. Just string them together and then you can leave them plain, paint or dye them, add tassels… the list goes on. Here are some ways I have made use of farmhouse beads in my home decor.

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Make a Wreath of Farmhouse Beads

To me, the most obvious choice, string a bunch together and make a wreath. Embellish it with whatever you can find in your craft stash, or pull out your Chalk Couture transfers and see what’s possible. Here’s a link to a bead wreath already made on Amazon to make it easy for you.

I combined some patriotic Chalk Couture designs and made a fantastic farmhouse wreath, along with some other embellishments. I think it turned out great, don’t you?

farmhouse bead wreath

Add Beads to an Existing Item to Make Something Totally New

Sometimes I amaze myself at the ideas I come up with. I had this metal tray from Chalk Couture that I painted a sky blue and I’ve been wanting to make into a service tray with a coastal look. So, I decided to add handles onto the tray made of, you guessed it, farmhouse beads. Good thing I ate my Wheaties that morning cos I used my Crop O Dile to punch the holes after some careful measuring. Then, using wire, I strung the beads and made handles. I left them natural color because I thought it helped the coastal vibe and went well with the blue tray. I added some ribbon embellishments I had in my craft stash and voila!, a great tray I can serve drinks and snacks on.

coastal vibe crab design tray with farmhouse bead handles

Check out the video below to see how I made this beautiful project with diy farmhouse bead handles.

Paint and String Them and Add to Your Decor.

Farmhouse beads can stand alone as a beautiful embellishment, but you can also paint and string beads to coordinate with your decor. I’ve added them to my vignettes on my mantle and foyer table, as well as tiered trays. Here, you can see where I painted them and added them to a Valentine’s tiered tray. I get my beads in bulk, like these here. There are many methods one can use to paint them: put them on skewers, swirl them in a bowl or just hold them down on a paper towel. I just use acrylic craft paint. You can see my painting preference in the video below, but it’s an easy way to customize your decor. Here are some white, pink and red beads in a tiered tray. You can even soak the beads in RIT Dye and make a bunch at once. My Patriotic Bucket Project uses the dyed beads.

So cute, right? If you make an excess amount of them, you can save them up for other projects. Here’s the video so you can see how I did it.

How do you use farmhouse beads in your maker projects? How do you add them to your home decor? Let me know over on my facebook page, I’d love to hear from you!

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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