Farmhouse Welcome Sign Post Transfer

Farmhouse Welcome Signpost Chalk Transfer This Transfer is the perfect creative tool to make a grand sign to lean against your front porch: make one for yourself, and then make one for your neighbor, your family, your friends, and pretty much everyone else. In fact, we picture you making multiples and then selling them! (If you want to.) The cut-apart letters are perfect for creating vertical or horizontal signage. That sweet little rooster can be substituted for any of the letters or added at the beginning or end for another accent. But don’t stop there! Pair this Transfer with the Farmhouse Welcome Signpost Add-On Transfer (item D2111110) and Simple Shapes (item S2111104)  for even more variety and customization. This is a great blocky font that’s easy to read from far away and can be used individually as monogram letters. We’re showing off this Transfer on a 10½” x 52” found surface, with a bit of hardware as an added element of rustic texture. 


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