Fun Facts About Cleaning Chalk Couture Transfers

Let’s talk some important and fun facts about the proper cleaning and care of your Chalk Couture transfers.

No Soaking

Do not let transfers soak for a long time. Why? Well it’s kinda like when your tub soak runs too long and this happens

Fun Fact: pruney fingers happen as a defense mechanism. The ridges cause more friction so you have more grip when you walk. It was so our ancestors could more easily walk on slippery rocks to fish and hunt.

As it turns out, it’s possible that excessive exposure to moisture can cause the adhesive to delaminate from the transfer. And that, my friends will make baby Jesus cry.

So here’s what I do. I lay the dirty transfer on the backer sheet until I’m done with my project. Then, as soon as I’m done my project, I just use some cool water and wash it out with the help of my board eraser. ( If you don’t have a board eraser in your chalk arsenal, then you need to get one. ) Here’s a previous Tip & Trick about the Board Eraser.

Clean Transfers ASAP

Don’t let the dirty transfer sit for too long, especially if it’s ink or a shimmer color. It will clog the screen and you’ll have a pointless sheet of vinyl in your hand. Rinse off with lukewarm water and wipe with a board eraser. Then, just lay your transfer flat and sticky side up to air dry.

No Blow Drying

DO NOT use a blow dryer on the transfer. It will likely not stand the heat and will end up like that contact lens that get caught in your eyelid and balls up like a spitball, never to be used again. And that will also make baby Jesus cry.

Quick Clean Option

If you’re in a hurry, you can give your transfer a quick but thorough wipe with a Lysol wipe. It is best with water and the eraser. Proper care of your transfers will help them last longer and keep them functioning as they should.


Your Transfer should ALWAYS be stored attached to the backer sheet. After a wash, Let it DRY before sticking it back on the backer sheet. Transfers should be stored at room temperature and as flat as possible. If you have the room and can find a vintage flat file cabinet snap that puppy up and move it in. They come up at auctions once in a while. Look for government surplus sales at schools or at sales or auctions of companies of newspapers or architects. You can buy new ones too at an office supply or IKEA. Or you can do what I do and store them in portfolios that you can hang or stack.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on transfer care.

Stay safe and Chalk on

Jessica Wilson


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