Get Creative at a Great Price $59 Starter Kit!

Eeekk!!! Look at this offer, friends! Whether you are a fence sitter or just stumbled upon this opportunity, join my Chalk Couture NOW for the best price, EVAR!

For the month or June, or while supplies last, you can join my Chalk Couture for only $59 US / $76 CAD!

That’s right, Create Your Own Future

Designers enjoy freedom, fun, and the potential to live their best life. You’ll get a meaningful, flexible income opportunity (and a cool way to work from home). It’s a great time to join the high-end DIY revolution!

Enrolling is easy

1. Order your Starter Kit.

2. Grow with us your way! We welcome you to sell our fabulous products, hold workshops, or build a Team! Benefits—Show me the money! Our Compensation Plan is the best in the business!

  • Earn up to 40% on all inventory you sell at the retail price.
  • Earn up to 25% on all Chalk Site website sales.
  • Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.
  • Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives!

Kit Contents

The Chalk Couture™ Creative Kickstart Starter Kit includes revolutionary Chalkology® Paste and Chalk Transfer® designs, several exciting surfaces, and the opportunity for you to become the creator you’ve always dreamed of being. This promotional Starter Kit is available only in June 2022, for just $59 USD/$76 CAD, while supplies last!

Join today and your kit* will include the following:

  • 6 Chalk Transfer designs in various sizes
  • Club Couture™ monthly Transfer
  • Bright White Chalkology Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
  • 6 Chalkology Paste Singles in various colors (.19 US fl. oz.)
  • Couture Gallery™ Aiden Style White Frame (9″ x 12″)
  • Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, 5″ x 7″)
  • Couture Boutique Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3″, Round)
  • Small Squeegee
  • Mini Squeegee
  • Spring/Summer ChalkStyle Catalog 2022
  • Chalk Couture Apron

*Creative Kickstart Starter Kit contents are subject to change. The Creative Kickstart Starter Kit retail value is approximately $215 USD/$282 CAD!

If you want more FAQ’s, check out my page explaining our Designer program.

Ready to dive in, be your own boss and enjoy a fun DIY adventure to boot? Head over to my page and get started!


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