Get yourself some Halloween Witches Go Riding Decor

Witches. I love them. That’s why I just love this Witches Go Riding transfer. There are so many ways to portray a witch. Traditionally, witches are gnarly looking, green skinned, wart covered women kinda like the most scary one -EVAR- from childhood.

Who can forget this creepy lady. How many of your friends and you had nightmares after watching the Wizard of Oz. I know I sure did. Truly terrifying.

Then, of course one of my faves are the lovely Sanderson Sisters of Hocus Pocus. What a great movie. Awesome cast and a Hocus Pocus II finally coming out September 30th 2022…yay!

There are so many others, like the series The Craft and the kinda amusing appearance of Stevie “I’m not a witch” Nicks as a witch in both American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

But back to my point. The fine folks at Chalk Couture came up with this fantastic design for the Witches Go Riding transfer and I just love it. I can see using it as a whole design as I did here, or just using elements of the design with other surfaces, like part of a tiered tray, perhaps? Here is the finished product. I washed off a prior design (cos you can do that with Chalk Couture Chalk paste) from my Greyson Board and chalked this one on. I just love it. And while Chalk Couture no longer carries the Greyson, you could just as easily put it on an Aiden Frame or find your own surface that would accommodate a 12″ x 18″ design.

Check out this video I did below to see how I completed this project. I did several projects with this transfer and they all turned out great; just to show you how much can be done with just one transfer and multiple surfaces. I used an old surface (black aiden frame) I had and a set of blocks.

Stay safe and Chalk on!

Jessica Wilson


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