Gettin’ Sassy in the Kitchen with Sassy Kitchen Sayings transfer

So I’ve been waiting for this day. Sassy Kitchen Sayings transfer is a thing! I know it’s a risk for a company to publish anything that might be viewed as not PC. What’s funny to some is vulgar to others. BUT. I personally am a lover of sassy humor. Funny, eyebrow raising fun sayings are my jam. These are tame by comparison, but I still love them. Some might think I’m a basic bitch, and, well, I might own SOME of that as I trip over my Michael Kors bag to reach for my Starbucks, but these sayings were a long time coming for me and I will show and share them all.

I do my Hair Toss, Check my Nails. Baby how you feelin’

This is a size D transfer, so there’s lots to choose from.

I mean, come on, What the Fork? That’s fantastic! It’s getting hot in here with an oven mitt? Hilarious. (Although I wished there was a typo that said “herre” instead). And the punny, funny Chop it like it’s hot. I put them on some decorative cutting boards I picked up. I just love them, don’t you?

Check out the video below to see how I created these cool decor items for my kitchen, or maybe my grill area? Hmmm.

Stay sassy everyone. Stay Safe and Chalk on!


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