Guess what? It’s Canadian History Week!

I was today year’s old when I found out there is a Canadian History Week. The Canadian Government has set aside a week to highlight Indigenous History: Learning about Indigenous leaders, language revitalization, and cultures. The week encourages Canadians to reflect upon and engage with Canada’s past. I have to say, it’s interesting for anyone to take a look at. They have a cool flipbook here full of interesting facts and pics. Besides the country history, there’s a most recent history with Canada and Chalk Couture that you may not know about.

The History of Chalk Couture in Canada

First Provinces

This is a way more recent history than Native Canadians, but it might be of interest to Canadian crafters looking for something relatively new and fun. Chalk Couture is available in Canada! You can purchase Chalk Couture products AND even become a Chalk Couture designer. It’s only been since 2019. We first started with pre registering designers in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan provinces in January 2019. Here’s my first post about it. In May, 2019, every pre-registrant in these provinces are officially designers.

Phase II Provinces

Next, Chalk Couture expanded into New Brunswick in October 2019. Nova Scotia was added in November 2019 and finally Labrador and Newfoundland in January 2020.

Canadian Themed Designs

With the introduction of Chalk Couture in Canada, there are also Canadian themed transfers!

O Canada Chalk Transfer

Strong and Free Chalk Transfer

There are sure to be other designs in the future.

That’s it for my Canadian history. If you want to become a Canadian Chalk Couture designer, email me with questions, or just go ahead and sign up here. You’ll be part of the Crafty Chalkers, an award winning team with all the support you’ll need to be a success. Or just pick up a fun new hobby. Either way, you’re in it at the relative beginning, so sky’s the limit.

Stay safe and Chalk on,


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