Halloween Fun with a DIY Dead and Breakfast Sign

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Decorating is sooo easy and fun. So let’s go ahead and have some Halloween fun with this DIY Dead and Breakfast sign project.

Dead and Breakfast. Kinda makes the mind run wild, doesn’t it? I feel like this place would have been in the tiny town where Beetlejuice was trapped. Right next to the Inferno Room and across from the graveyard. There was also a Creepshow episode and even a movie in the early 2000’s called Dead and Breakfast. I’ve not seen either of these two…not a scary movie kind of gal. Anyway, i had fun with this and I can see so many other possibilities with this design. If you like Halloween DIY, there’s more here and here!

For this project, I used all Chalk Couture stuff (except the hooks of course) to make this project. You can find it all here in my store. I can see this hanging on my porch, creepily swinging in the breeze. Woo! Spooky!!

Check out the video below to see how I had Halloween fun with a DIY Dead and Breakfast Sign.

It’s getting closer so have a safe and Happy Halloween and stay safe and Chalk on!


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