Halloween Tiered Tray Part III: Putting It Together

So here’s something silly I decided to do: make my own tiered tray. Yup. That’s right. It’s time for Adventures with Power Tools starring one of the most unskilled power tool user in the world, Messy Jessie and my trusty assistant, the not so Handy Husband. This live is video GOLD, I tell ya. From changing drill bits to what screws to use, I have permanently tarnished his man-card. At least no blood was shed during the course of this video. There was, however, way too much use of the word thingy to describe miscellaneous drill parts and fasteners.

Taking your life in your hands there, hub?

So this took way longer than it needed to, but in the end, I was able to use items I had in my stash to make this nice tray. ( I used 2 board and pillars and a couple Greyson boards.)

After you visit the bathroom and get yourself a beverage and some snacks, check out the video below to see how I put my very own tiered tray together.


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