Hop into my Spring/Easter 2021 Target Haul!

It was back to the Church of Bullseye the other day. Topic of the Target Haul sermon of the season? Spring and . There was plenty of praise from me for inspirational things to pick up and prayers were answered in finding potential surfaces to on. So here’s Part 1 highlights for this Haul.

Okay, first off it is time for a funeral. Oh Bunny, I hardly knew ye. It was a NOOOOoooooo!!! moment that brought you to your demise. I wish you well and maybe I can repurpose / recycle you in a some way.

Little Bunny Baskets

So Cuuuuute! These lil’ bunny baskets are so sweet and I can see them as part of an easter vignette. Or fill with gift cards and junk for a big kid.


Here’s an item I’ve dubbed Big Ass Bunny Bag. Should anyone out there be fortunate enough to have an Easter Scramble / Hunt, this is your collecting bag. I’m pretty sure I can chalk extra Easter designs on it too.


So these are kinda cool Cutting Board style things. I think I might chalk some buffalo plaid on the egg one.

leprechaun trap

Well Faith and Begorrah! If it isn’t a leprechaun trap! How . I know there’s a kindergarten teacher that asked the to make a leprechaun trap. Well here’s your lame shortcut if you need it.


Here’s some cute little table signs. I think I might use them as is… worst case I paint over and chalk something else on them.


Look at these cute lil shelves. Pretty sure this could hold like, one lightweight item cos they’re really not too strong. But I think it would be great as part of a grouping of decor items.


Now you all know that I’m not a flower person, but these looked like quality faux flowers. They just scream spring to me, so I got them. I can see them in a white or blue speckled farmhouse pitcher.

That’s it for now. I’ll post part two of my Spring/Easter Target Haul tomorrow.

Stay Safe and Chalk On,

Jessica Wilson


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