Hornets Can’t Even Stop Me From Chalking On a Beach Umbrella.

It was an interesting day. I’m not a fan of bugs to begin with. My assistant did a trap and release of a bumble bee in the shop the other day. They are pollinators so i can’t be mad at that. HORNETS, however are another story; especially when I’m trying to chalk with the Stars and Stripes Forever transfer

So I was chalking and I heard an unusual noise. It was kinda like a black hawk helicopter landing on my shoulder.

Hornet. I screamed and ran like my ass was on fire. My son and I are allergic of course. We ended up killing it and put it in a cup for the exterminator to look at. I went back about our business It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

Until it happened again.

Another one came in from somewhere. And Freak Out Number Two began. Trap and destroyed this one as well. Duty still calls and I went about my live after that. I have a whole series of live demos on the Stars and Stripes Forever transfer. Unfortunately, that transfer is sold out and not coming back…bummer. I did do a really cool project with the Shell Yeah transfer. I chalked on a beach umbrella and it turned out fabulous!

This transfer is sooo versatile. It’s a favorite of mine. I actually have a nice bundle if you’re interested, check it out here . Tons of things to make multiple projects at a great price. One really cool thing I did with this transfer was to chalk on a beach chair umbrella!

I used white Couture Ink on two umbrellas, green and blue. It wasn’t the easiest chalk I’ve done but it worked out. The good thing a bleed happened and it was able to be wiped right off. My only hesitation at this point is that ink should be heat set and I have to do research on the best way to do that so nothing gets melted. Here’s how they turned out.

I’m going to take pictures at some point, but here are shots from my demo video you can see below.

So that’s my umbrellas. I’m always thinking of new things to chalk. This was definitely a success.

Stay safe and Chalk On.

Jessica Wilson


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