I’ll Love You For Heifer Chalk Transfer on Wood Circle.

Everyone loves a pun, right? So I was tickled when I saw this one: “I’ll love you for heifer.” I didn’t get it at first but then I said it quickly a couple of times and got it… “I’ll love you forever” Har Har. Love it. I’m also always up for self deprecating humor and being called a heifer, while not quite correct (since technically heifers are female bovines that haven’t give birth), is a funny and appropriate slang term for me.

I especially love the other heifer transfer we had “Kitchen is Closed This Heifer’s had it…” It’s retired now, but it was a fun one. Here’s a link for this design on a tea towel in my store. It looks like this:

Anywho, here’s a quick little project that can brighten a corner of your home. I just love it, don’t you. Follow this link to my store to get what you need to do this project.

Enjoy your day. Stay safe and Chalk on!


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