It Came! Chalk Couture New Fall Winter 2022 Catalog Haul

OMG Soooooo excited!! I was stalking the FedEx guy, waiting and waiting, like anticipating Santa on Christmas morning. And now it’s time for my Chalk Couture Fall Winter 2022 Catalog Haul!!

I’m going to point out some favorites here, but you can see my whole haul on my youtube channel. I will drop the direct link to the video at the end of this post. So, let’s get started.

Here it is, the whole enchilada. All crammed lovingly in this 20+ pound box. It’s so big I can barely get it open with my stubby little T-Rex arms.

Fear not, my friends, for I got into that box and, wow I am so excited to show you my favorites!

A Size Transfers

I am a big fan of sayings, but especially puns. This transfer hits all the fun spots. Oh My Gourd! Love it.

What a fun fall decoration. I know it would go great on it’s own or part of a vignette.

This one, Flannels and Football, is an absolute fave. I WILL find a way to chalk this onto a football, yes I will. In the meantime, it’s definitely going on my mantel in some form.

B Transfers

Ok, so this is not only a favorite, but a phrase I use quite often, especially with a teenage son. “Ugh, Mom all these chores, I’m sooooo tired” (drags one leg behind him in his pajama pants having just woke up at 11am) ” But did you die?” is my reply. Now I don’t even have to say it. I’ll just hold a sign up I’ll make with this transfer. Thanks Chalk Couture!

This one looks so versatile to me. I can see using parts of it for projects and of course, using the whole thing. I want to make a swing sign and put it on my front porch for halloween. And, again with the witty puns; I just love it!

OK. I love you Chalk Couture, but I can’t unsee those mushrooms. I like most of the elements and will use them alone or in a collage of some sort. But those mushrooms. Too, umm, resembling a, well, use you imagination. Although they might be cute with the gnomes, I dunno…

This one is perfect. I can totally see this on our Bistro Spinning Sign in my office. And you could certainly use the graphics on their own. Some purples and oranges will make this fabulous.

This is absolutely a most true and fantastic saying. And guess what? You will be helping give lights to people who have none as $2 of your purchase goes to Watts of Love, Chalk Couture’s charity partner.

C Transfers

Ooooo Witchy Phrases. These six adorable phrases are punny and funny, and they fit perfectly on 5” x 5” Double-Sided Box Frames. Which one is your favorite? I love them all!

And, more sayings, this time it’s for Christmas. I can see using this as gift tags or to decorate your coffee bar. So many possibilities.

In this age of reviewing everything, why not your own kitchen. Create some cute and clever kitchen décor with this clever display. Speaking of clever, I think this can be used in the bathroom too. With a little tricky chalking, you could make another review of “Would poop here again” I can’t wait to try it.

D Transfers

Here’s a favorite. Family Rules. I love anything to do with Family cos I cherish my family so much. I guess you could call this sorta a subway style sign. It will fit perfectly on a pillow or on our new 9 x 9 board.

Now here is the epitome of versatile. Fall, Halloween, Winter, Christmas. Pick yourself up 9 x 9 double sided box frames and you can flip from one season to the next all in one decor item. What a time saver!

Now we have it right. Aren’t these the sweetest gnomes EVAR? I just love them and these gnomes are super cute for Christmas, but if you change up your color scheme, they can work great for fall, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or just as cute winter friends.

E Transfers

I really love this design. Halloween is one of my favorite times to decorate and I really want this one on my front door. And I’m definitely going to use that Haunted House art for something.


Here are the new colors. Those three in the back of this pic will be fantastic for Halloween decor and they are all Shimmer Colors! These colors have a little glitter sheen without messing with actual glitter, and who doesn’t love that.


These new Autumn Cut Outs are so fun. You can use with existing patterns or the new patterns specifically for these shapes. These are sure to figure greatly into your tiered tray or vignette creations.

What’s better than a 5×5 box frame? A 9×9 box frame of course. White on one side, stain on the other. Go from one season to the next with a flip of the frame and two designs. A great time saver.

Check out the video below to see all of my haul.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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