It’s My Spring/Summer Target Haul Part 2

Here we go with Part 2 of my Spring/Summer Target Haul. ICYMI, here is Part 1. There are some matching things that I showed you in Part 1. Then, there’s other cool stuff to show. I have the full video linked at the end of this post, be here are some highlights.

It’s in the bag.

A big, deep fun stripey bag that sorta stands on its own. This will be a great catch all kind of thing to cart around and I can chalk a big fun saying on it.

Decor Galore

I thought these were pretty cool as is. I can also see me repurposing some of this. Here’s another decor set.

Here we have a 4″x4″ frame duo. These would look great in my bathroom, or I have some transfer designs that will fit for sure.

Nice big natural looking frame here. Looking good just about anywhere.

So someone in the Target Marketing department is a smart cookie with this item. My Target Shopping List. And of course, it includes a Dollar Spot checklist. It has a convenient magnet back to hang it on your fridge. How cool us that.

This is pretty cool. Summery coozies in different sizes for different containers. There’s a short stubby one for Ben and Jerry’s pints, one for skinny drink cans, and this one for larger cups. You might be able to stick a pint glass in it?

That’s it for my Spring Summer Target Haul Part 2. Happy shopping everyone!

Stay safe and Chalk On.


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