It’s Octoberfest at Chalk Couture

Oktoberfest. There’s quite a history to the word. Way too much to go into, but what started as pretty much a wedding reception for the crown prince of Bavaria in 1810 is now a crazy beerfest in Munich, Germany and around the world. Kinda a celebratory day like St Patrick’s Day for the Irish. I’m especially impressed with the beer carrying record breakers where a waiter carried 21 full pour Glass beer steins at once! You can’t even see his head for all the beer. Google that stuff and you’ll see what I can imagine has to be a feat of strength. Which brings me to my own Octoberfest. There’s so much going on this month with October Chalk Couture promotions. What a fun month to chalk.


Enroll as a Chalk Couture Designer in October 1–31 and you will receive a ChalkMade™ Christmas Countdown Kit FREE when you select the Standard Starter Kit option. The usual Standard Starter Kit will remain the same, at $99 USD/$127 CAD but will include a $39.99 USD/$51.49 CAD retail value, FREE!

Take a look at this freebie…

Here’s the whole new starter kit. Pretty nice if I do say so.

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

The Chalk Couture™ Starter Kit includes revolutionary Chalkology® Paste and Chalk Transfer®designs, several exciting surfaces, and the opportunity for you to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Join today and your kit* will include:

  • 6 Chalk Transfer® designs in various sizes
  • Club Couture™ monthly Transfer
  • Bright White Chalkology® Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
  • 12 Chalkology® Paste Singles in various seasonal colors (.19 US fl. oz.)
  • Couture Gallery™ Aiden White Frame (9” x 12”)
  • Couture Boutique® Board & Base (5” x 7”)
  • Couture Boutique® Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3”, Round)
  • Small Squeegee
  • Mini Squeegee
  • Multi-tool
  • Fuzzing Cloth
  • Color Trays (24-pack)
  • Designer Start-Up Guide
  • Autumn/Winter Collection 2021 catalog
  • Chalk Couture™ Apron
  • ChalkMade Christmas Countdown Kit

*Starter Kit contents are subject to change based on new product releases and availability. The Starter Kit value remains approximately $250 USD/$350 CAD retail. 

Join my Chalk Couture this October and get this great deal.


This is a fun one. The transfers in the Positive Vibes Collection are 50% off retail price for the month of October. Here they are.

And who among us wouldn’t like to be fierce and covered in animal print. Really. Now you can! And at a great price too!! Check out the sale in my store.


If you’re in Club Couture, you may have earned a bounceback discount in September. If you did, then when you log in to your account you will see a coral-colored banner at the top of the screen that says “Click here to redeem your Bounceback Deal! Get 25% off a qualifying order.”

When you “click here”, you will end up in your customer “Shop” page. The 25% discount will only be visible on the final “review” page where you can choose whether or not it should be applied. This discount is only available on one transaction in October. When October is gone, so is this offer, so don’t forget to use it.


Finally, if you’re saying to yourself, “what the check is Chalk Couture and why am I not in it?” Well, it’s only the coolest subscription box you can get. Each month, you will get a fun kit with a transfer and paste singles. There are more details here, and take a look at this month’s design… so neat.

Whew! That’s a lot of good news for one month. Stay safe and Chalk On.


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