It’s the Cutest Target Haul Project Ever! The Target Gum ball Machine

When I saw this I knew I could tszuj it up farmhouse style and make a super cute decor item. If you haven’t seen my Target Haul, here is Part II, where I show you this item… the Target Gum Ball Machine! (Here’s Part I if you care to see.)

This is what I’m talking about. Taking an unassuming little plastic thing and turning it into a masterpiece.

Yes! Those two things are the same thing!! I know, right? Who knew. So sweet, is it not? Wanna know how I made it? Check out this quick video of my transformed Target Gum ball Machine to see it in creation.

Now one other word about this is that it’s darn near impossible to find these little guys out in the wild, so if you happen into a Target and see one…GRAB IT!! You may never see it again.

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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