January Club Couture is Hot and you need it.

Ok, that statement might be click bait, but really, who doesn’t like Valentine’s designs to add to your home for the occasion. And to me, this one is reminiscent of those boxes of Sweethearts. You know, those nasty, chalky candy things you’ve surely have gotten at some point in your life. An elementary school favorite, they’re totally not worth the calories or the impending tooth rot, but an iconic Valentine’s visual none the less.

Eww. Just. NO.

Lucky for us the fine folks at Chalk Couture delivered a sweet, vintage Valentine’s design. But, guess what. You can only get it if you join Club Couture. Club Couture is a monthly Chalk Couture subscription service where you get an exclusive size b transfer and some paste singles. Click the Club Couture link above to get the deets, but in the meantime, check out what you get this month.

Pretty nice! A nice big vintage heart along with some conversation heart elements. So many possibilities. Here’s a finished design with this transfer on a pallet board.

Ready to get it? Check out the Club Couture info. here, where you can follow the link to my store to get started.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chalking!


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