July Club Couture!

July has arrived and here in Jersey that means trips down the shore for most. There are plenty of other places to go here. I’m a couple of hours from the Pocono mountains, rafting and tubing on the Delaware, state parks with lakes and trails. It’s a great place to get lost with someone special. Now, you can display that in your , but only if you’re a member of . Here’s the July Club Couture – Let’s Get Lost.

July Club Couture Let's Get Lost

For a complete explanation of Club Couture, you can take a look here. In a nutshell, when you join it’s $19.99 a month, and each month, you get a new transfer mailed right to your home, for Club members only. You get a size b transfer, and 3 .

There are other exclusive offers each month, too. Sounds great, right? If you’re ready to go and start with the July Club Couture, just head to my store and subscribe today!

! Stay safe and on!


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