Let’s Get Sassy with Snarky Empowerment Minis Transfer

You guys already know I like to be smart ass-y. I love me some snarky phrases. Fortunately those fine folks at Chalk Couture have come up with some great new mini transfer designs for me to create all the things with. Fun fact, everyone is under the assumption that “Not Today, Satan” was first said by Bianca Del Rio from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The phrase actually has roots in the South in Southern Baptist churches amongst the women of the church. It was also used by Aunt Esther of Sanford and Son.

Snarky Empowerment Minis Transfer

Anywho… the Snarky Empowerment Minis. The designs fit perfectly on 3×3 box frames, so here it goes. Check out this quick video to see what I did.

Snarky Empowerment Minis Transfer

These are so quick and easy. They make great gifts too cos who doesn’t want an I Want Pizza Not Your Opinion sign for the home? No one I know

Stay Safe and Chalk On,

Jessica Wilson


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