Make Rosettes With Me for Halloween. Get Kits!

What’s a fun and easy decor item you can make for any occasion? Rosettes! They are the folded paper decorations that look like a fan/flower. Here’s a previous post on how I make them, but in a nutshell you get pretty paper cut into strips and do concertina (zig zag) folds, join them together and, voilà!, your very own rosette! In case you don’t read the other post, (you really should) here’s the most recent one i’ve made – AND – it’s available in a kit while supplies last or until this Saturday, Oct 15, when the next set of kits goes out.

So neat, right? It’s a nice little accent or even a unique little hostess gift for that frightfully fun Halloween Party. Make rosettes!

I do something called Maker’s Monday, where I post a few bundles from projects that were created over the week, that will include EVERYTHING you need to create the project(s)! Supplies that will be included will be:

  • Transfers
  • Chalk Pastes
  • surfaces, cutouts
  • squeegees
  • other accessories that would go with the project (sometimes accessories such as ribbons or bows or beads will vary)!

There will also always be MYSTERY PROJECT KITS that I’ll have up as well that will be themed- Halloween, Christmas, Fall, Kitchen, Hot Cocoa Bar, etc. It will be priced at $23 and have everything you need-including Cutouts!! ? This weeks theme is


Here are the awesome bundles we have this week- items below are for US SHIPPING ONLY (Canadian friends, I can send you cart links, and a direct link for getting the cutouts only once cart link is purchased per my compliance department):

Halloween Mystery Bundle:

Halloween Rosette Bundle

Mummy Shelf Sitter Bundle

Halloween Garden Sign

These will be WHILE SUPPLIES LAST or until Saturday, Oct 15, 2022. The following Monday, I will have new kits!

Check out my facebook for new kit announcements and so much more!

So get to decorating, stay safe and chalk on!

Jessica Wilson


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