Make Your Own Fun Notebook Cover.

I don’t know about you but I love those 5×7 Notebooks to carry around to jot down ideas and notes to self. I know I have a phone for that, but sometimes you just need to write it down old school to remember it. Different ones for different subjects. Kinda like this…

Yeah, they’re cute but so are the other ton of them that are out there. Nothing special.

So imagine my delight when I saw that Chalk Couture came out with a notebook SURFACE! My own little notebook with my personal touch on the cover! The Chalk Couture Chalk Suede Notebook has special dreamy surface texture.

This surface fits A-sized Transfers and can be customized to your whim. Pages inside have a dot grid pattern perfect for bullet journaling, β€œDear diary” entries, doodling, and more! So cool and unique. Check out the one I made. I just love it.

So get over to my store and pick up some Chalk Suede Notebooks and have fun making own cover. Check out the quickie video below to see how I made this great project.

Enjoy your project. Stay safe and Chalk on,

Jessica Wilson


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