Make Your Own Spooky Spell Book 3D Wall Art.

I love a little spooky decor in my life. This project brings me back to a timely movie from the 90’s: Hocus Pocus. The spell book was such a cool prop and we can make something very similar. It’s amazing what a little Mod Podge will do to create such a cool sculptural decor element.

“I smell Children!” The Sanderson Sisters and their precious spell book. (pic: Disney)

For these creations, I used a 9X12 Box Frame and Spirit of Halloween Transfer. I used a LOT of Mod Podge, Paper Towels, Black Chalk Paint (spray paint kind is BEST), a sponge brush, and a bristle brush. I used Shimmer Red and Shimmer Gold to make these projects. The hand, skeleton and hard cover book were from Dollar Tree. I also used the Fuzzing Towel, Small Squeegee, Self Healing Mat, Stir Sticks, and Mini Squeegee.

Aren’t they just creepy cool?

Check out the video below to see how I made this spooky project.


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