Minis Series Part 2 Handmade Font Joyful Holiday Patterns transfers on Ornament and Tag Minis

Remember the cutest IKEA tree come monstrosity I brought home?

Move Over Rockefeller…

Well, I’m going to add more ornaments! I’m filling it if it kills me (And it just might if it falls.) And why not fill it with your own creations, rather than meaningless store bought stuff, right?

So here’s the second video in my Minis Series on creating my own Chalk Couture Ornaments for my big-ass basement tree! I used the Handwritten Font along with the Joyful Holiday Patterns transfers. I used Ornament Minis and Tag Minis I used Black Velvet, Candy Apple, Shimmer Gold, and Bright White Chalk Paste. I also used the Fuzzing Towel, Stir Sticks, Self Healing Mat, Fine Mist Sprayer, Transfer Trimmers, and Mini Squeegees.

so pretty and easy to make

Check out the video below to see how I made these gorgeous ornaments.

Remember this is the second of a three part “Minis” Series. Check back for Part III soon!


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