More Quarantine Activities with Chalk Couture.

So the shutting in continues. Who knows when it will end. Hopefully it won’t ruin summer, but for now let’s talk quarantine activities.

We are so fortunate in my community to have one to one technology in place. Each student has a chromebook. We’ve been doing pretty well schooling from home. Gotta give it to the teachers, who have taken it in stride and are getting it done.

Quarantine Activities from Chalk Couture

So now for more quarantine activities. If your student is older and has an art requirement to fulfill, this might qualify. If not, it’s still a fun activity to keep them occupied. Here’s what I recommend:

A few ideas come to mind with this bundle. Take a quick peek at how to use these products if you don’t already know, and let the fun begin. Then, you can clean the designs off with a little water and do it over again. How cool is that! Here are some quick ideas.

Monogram. Your size A choice could be a monogram, as seen above.

Quotes. You could use the markers to come up with a saying each day and write in the blank area. Here’s a place to get quotes: brainyquote.

Message Board. Use the markers to leave messages for each other. (Just be kind, please!)

Tomorrow I’ll give you even more tips on keeping occupied during the quarantine! Stay Safe. Stay Inside. Wash Your Hands. 


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