Need Some Fall Fun? Make a Scarecrow!

I gotta get moving on making some new Fall decor. The scarecrow is a thing that comes to mind when I think of Fall. You could go buy one of those chintzy dollar store yard stakes, OR make a DIY Scarecrow. I will show you how!

Nope. No Dollar Store Scarecrows.

Scarecrows have been around since ancient times. They were created to put, in fields to scare birds from taking crops like corn and wheat. While it’s not all that effective unless you move it all the time, you can get pretty creative with them, like dressing up a doll. You can make it happy, sad, cute or scary.

A Scarecrow as seen in the 1930s

I made my DIY Scarecrow with items I had in my craft stash: raffia, big paint stirrer, fall ribbon and fall trim. Plus, some chip brushes to do some large area painting. I also used the Jack-O-Lanterns transfer and a 6×18 box frame. This project is a little more time consuming, but it’s will be so cute in the end, I promise.

This would make a great porch sitter or on a mantel or shelf. I think it turned out great!

Check out the video below to see how I made this fun fall project

Stay Safe and Chalk on!


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