Dandelion Wishes Chalk Transfer on Verity Board

So as a kid, or even now, I bet you’ve blown the little floaty seeds off of a dandelion stem and made a wish as they floated away. (And landed on the lawn, much to the chagrin of your landscaper) Ahh, Dandelion Wishes.

If that brings back fond memories, then I have the perfect project: the Dandelion Wishes on a brand new Chalk Couture Verity Board!

It’s a Size E transfer, so it’s nice and big and looks so nice on Chalk Couture’s Verity Board. Take a look!

Dandelion Wishes Chalk Transfer on Verity Board

You could certainly isolate parts of this transfer for other projects, making it super useful and versatile.

Check out the video below and see how I created this beautiful project.
I used Bright White and Sage Chalk Pastes. I also used the 4 inch Handled Squeegee, Self Healing Mat, Fuzzing Towel, Stir Sticks, and Mini Squeegee. And, of course, the gorgeous Verity Board and the Dandelion Wishes chalk transfer.



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