New Year. New Chalk Couture Specials!

Buh Bye 2020. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. I am so done with you. If I find out there’s a COVID21 I might just sell everything but my chalk stuff, buy a remote island and go off the grid. (Oh who am I kidding, I’ll miss Starbucks too much)

Any-who, with the New Year comes some January Chalk Couture deals. There’s a lot so hang in there.

Club Couture for January

For the first of the January Chalk Couture deals, this month’s Club Couture is the cutest! Here you go…

I can see soooo many projects coming out of this. Yup. Signs and wood chunks and pillows, oh my! Club Couture is such a great subscription service to be a part of. Full deets are here, or just skip that and join now by going here.

As a bonus offer for Club Couture members, (cos there’s a bonus offer each month) we have an offer called Reclaimed to Fame. When Club Couture subscribers spend a minimum of $150 USD/$200 CAD on any available Chalk Couture products, they can choose a select reclaimed surface to add to their order FREE! That’s right; here’s a visual for you.

Surfaces to pick from include:

  • the Natural Burlap Board, 18 x 24
  • the Natural Burlap Board, 12 x 18
  • the Reclaimed Diagonal Pallet, 12 x 18
  • Reclaimed Metal Tray, 9 x 12
  • the Reclaimed Drawer Front, 6 x 18

Annnnnd… Club Couture subscribers can stack this and the Creative Kickstart offers this month. That’s right; a single qualifying order of $150 USD/$200CAD will earn you the maximum THREE free Creative Kickstart Transfers AND a reclaimed surface…all FREE! That is a WOW! if ever I saw one. What is Creative Kickstart? Glad you asked…

Creative Kickstart 2021

It’s time for a new start. What better way to kickstart 2021 than with new, inspiring projects made from limited-time products?! We’ve developed three fresh, new B-sized Transfers that interact well with each other (think of them as building blocks you can mix and match!), and a Chalkology™ Paste Palette Pack that coordinates like a dream. We’re making these available in a promotion we call Creative Kickstart!

Here they are. You can see them in action below.

So versatile and so good as a grouping or take them solo.

Creative kickstart is just that: a fantastic project you don’t have to think about. We’ve already done the heavy lifting with design. Might I also suggest ordering the Luxe Palette. It’s a grouping of paste singles in trendy colors you’ll love. There are other palette sets too that you can find here.

Here’s the luxe palette.

These are great if you just want enough for a project or two and don’t really want to invest in a whole jar.

That’s it for the January Chalk Couture deals! It’s a lot to absorb, but don’t take too long cos this is just for the month of January!

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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