Ornate Noel transfer wood blocks are beautiful!

When I saw this transfer, the Ornate Noel transfer, I fell in love. I immediately saw it would be glorious with shimmer colors.

But where does Noel come from and how did it come to be? It is French for Christmas after all, but according to MacMillan Dictionary, Noël comes ultimately from the Latin natalis via Anglo-Norman and Middle French. Originally an exclamation of joy at the birth of Christ, in the middle ages it was also used to refer to the Christmas period. “

So there you go, a quick history lesson. Now for creating, the Ornate Noel transfer is a cut-apart design that layers for just the right amount of shadow and color. I’ve covered layering technique before; it’s as easy as it sounds. The transfer has registration marks so you can line up the layers perfectly.

Those shimmer colors though. Can I just tell you that they are outstanding in the way they glide on and shimmer so subtle, yet perfect. They aren’t all in your face glittery, like a New York drag queen, just enough shimmer to make you stop and admire. I used the Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Shadow and Candy Apple chalk pastes. I absolutely love it for on a mantel or as part of a vignette.

Check out the video below to see how I made this great project.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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