Patriotic Week Part 1 Chalk Couture Transfer America the Beautiful on Found Surface

Patriotic Decor. It’s my number 1 top utmost favorite style of decor. This time of year, house looks like what I would imagine Mrs Captain America’s house looks like every day; a ridiculous amount of red white and blue, stars and stripes crazed madness. Like Evel Knievel crash landed in my living room with the most amazing array of stars, stripes, firecrackers and flags busting out in his wake and covering every surface. Here’s just one example from the past – a tiered tray:

Patriotic Decor

This time, I’ll start with the America The Beautiful chalk transfer and a surface I probably found at Target. I bought this kinda blind and it came back to bite me; the transfer didn’t quite fit. But, never fear, I made it work. It just took a little adjusting and moving the transfer around a little. It ended up turning out great! I love it and it has a prominent place in my store.

I have more patriotic projects coming up, so stay tuned! Stay Safe and Chalk on!


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