Perfect Holiday Gifts Come From the Heart and Hands.

Remember when you were a kid and you made gifts for your mom and dad? How many thousands of popsicle sticks have you glued and painted in your lifetime? And who can forget those beaded wreath ornaments and hand shaped clay catch all pieces? I have a few saved. There’s an almost disappeared it’s so faded construction paper enclosed hand print still hanging somewhere in my house. It’s the personal touch. It came from the heart even if it’s not likely to make it onto the cover of House Beautiful. It is the Perfect Holiday Gift.

I love you, you melty, falling apart lil’ Ginger Bread guy.

You know hand made gifts aren’t just for kids though, right? We adults call it DIY. And it can be done. And it can look professional and show worthy too. With Chalk Couture, all this is possible. Match your friend’s decor style and color. Add your own tasteful touch if you want or just follow the instructions or watch a video and make beautiful things. I know you’re going to love it. It will be your new hobby.

Create Beautiful Holiday Gifts With Chalk Couture

It’s so easy to use Chalk Couture products. If you can spread butter on toast, you can chalk. Just like this pic.

How to Chalk Couture

Put the transfer down, Spread the paste over the transfer. Peel up the transfer and there you have it. Your new decor item. Finished and ready to go.

All kinds of styles

Chalk Couture has a design style or theme for everyone and everything. Need a holiday item, got that. Farmhouse? Check. Kitchen? Yep. Inspirational? Yes. There are sooo many more. You can go to my store to browse ALL the chalky goodness, but I will highlight some here as well.


Do you have that friend that goes fruit loops for farmhouse? I have you covered. Make them a gorgeous item they can display just about anywhere in the house. Here’s one of my favorites.

This is the Love Begins at Home transfer. The classic shape of the House Cutouts (item S201102) , filled with an organic, hand-written reminder that “Love Begins at Home.” With a few accents (hearts and a greenery sprig), this piece is ready for you to pick your favorite color—or LOTS of colors—to boost your home décor as desired.

Just for Fun

There are some really fun, and even a little sassy, transfers to be had as well. I just love this one.

Dress up your office, homework space, classroom or craft room with the Work Hard. Play Hard. Transfer. The emphasis is on “play” because that’s the best part! Highlight it in an accenting color for a great pop of playfulness. Here, it’s shown on a Chalk Couture Pallet Sign, but there is so much more you could do, like towels, canvas, even a t-shirt.


Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… Chalk has all the holiday designs. From whimsical to elegant, it’s all possible. This one is my favorite this year.

Oh my “gourd”! A funny autumnal play on words brings your Transfer collection to a whole new level. The Oh My Gourd! Transfer fits perfectly on our Couture Boutique® Bistro Spinning Sign (item S203103) for a gourd-geous and festive display. We know that projects made with this Transfer are going to get your friends and family to smile, especially when you’re giving those projects as seasonal gift items! Re-create the project shown here with our Grateful Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack (item PS2131129) and add in a touch of Shimmer Harvest for a sparkly, adorable display piece! For a different look, try using just the “I love fall!” portion by itself or in conjunction with any of our other autumn-themed offerings.

There are so many designs, surfaces and colors to choose from. I’ll bet that you can browse through and find something for anyone on your list. Check out my store and pay particular attention to possible sales going on, you might actually get a beautiful bargain.

Stay Safe and Chalk On


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