Porch Sign Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Tip & Trick Tuesday

This week’s Tip Tuesday will feature that trendy decor item everyone wants: the Porch Sign. That little slab of wood that can say it all in a matter of feet. My assistant came up with one appropriate for the times. She needs to get on that Cricut and make this one.

The fine folks at Chalk Couture have come up with some clever designs too. Click here to see what’s up currently. With Memorial Day and July 4th coming up, now’s the time to grab these transfers up.

Here are my tips for making your own porch signs.

Board Size: 1x8x10 cut in half. Your surface should be around 8″ x 54″, so it’s as easy as going to Home Depot or your local lumber place, grabbing a 1x8x10 and usually, if you ask nicely and look pitiful, (flash some cleavage) they will cut it in half for you. If you’re able to splurge, cedar is more weather resistant than most wood, except maybe pressure treated, but then that has icky chemicals in it.

After you’re done chalking and its nice and dry, be sure to seal your piece with Krylon sealing spray. You can get that here. This will protect your board from scratches and from the elements outside if you have it on an open porch or on steps.

Use front and back of boards. For instance, you can do Fall on one side and winter on the other. Then, you can just turn the board for a fresh new look for the change in season. Works great for holidays too, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here’s a demo of the Freedom Signpost transfer. This is a good one for the upcoming American patriotic holidays.

I also have a series of porch sign demos, but these transfers are retired.
Signpost series Part I Part II Part III

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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