Quick Target Haul Last of the Spring Stuff

I’m back in the Church of Bullseye again. The topic of today’s sermon is Spring Holiday and the Practical Stuff. On this Target Haul, I managed to pick up some things I’ve been trying to get hold of, so yay me! Here are some highlights:

Glass Canisters were finally found, Yay! There’s this one and a shorter one. They’re pretty well made considering the source and they even have a rubber gasket inside the lid. Imma gonna chalk this baby somehow.

It’s getting closer so time for some St Pat’s stuff. These were too cute to pass up for the price. There was also a cute shamrock baseball cap with a black buffalo plaid brim. (Buffalo Plaid ALL the Things!) You can see that in the video.

One can never have too many risers in their home, right? Here are two round, one short, one taller. I may just chalk some buffalo plaid on these. (Buffalo Plaid ALL the Things!) These are great to add to a vignette and especially handy, I would imagine, as plant stands.

Remember my cake-tastrophe from the previous haul? Well I found another one in a slightly smaller size, yay! Easter cupcakes here I come.

Aww, cute little bud vases. I can think of some fun things to do with these. There’s some cute little designs Chalk Couture has that would fit. They would make good little holders for stuff too.

Wreath greenery! So many uses and enough color variation to fit with a variety of projects. I can see these as part of a votive candle centerpiece or with a little resize, added to a porch leaner maybe? Lots of potential here.

These were cute enough as is, but I plan to chalk stuff on them too, cos why not. Particularly since I’m not a fan of flowers.

That’s it for this haul. Check out the video below to see the entire haul. While you’re there, subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss any of my fun videos!

Stay Safe and Chalk On


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