Shopaholics Rejoice for Chalk Couture Digital Catalog

I love to shop! Yep, sure do. My Target knows me like Cheers knew Norm. My Postal, Amazon, UPS and Fedex workers and I are all on a first name basis. My stored credit cards drop down menu shoots off the screen from so many entries. SO I tend to go to sites that I know are descriptive and easy to navigate. Convenience is key. Time saving is a must. As Chalk Couture goes, I had always wondered and hoped that when I peruse the catalog I could click on the items and order right from there. WELL, darn if Chalk didn’t hear me and come up with the Chalk Couture Chalkstyle Digital Catalog!

Wow, I love it! All you do is go to the Chalk Couture Chalkstyle Digital Catalog, here. I’m going to show you what it looks like on an iPhone. Android, tablet and desktop are slightly different.

First Go to my chalk site . Once there, there is the usual hamburger stacked lines menu icon thingy at the top left (in this pic its an X). Click on that, drop down to catalog, click and choose Spring Summer 2022. ORRrrr… if you see the Chalk It Up image like by the arrow here, click on that.

This is what you should see next. Start scrolling to see all the new chalky goodness.

Now, as you scroll and there’s something you want, like say Peony chalk paste. Click on the swatch and you should get a popup with the product and an add to cart button.

If you change your mind, just click the X at the top right to dismiss the popup.

So, oops I’d rather get Raspberry Sorbet…

You should get a message that it was added to your cart.

Let’s take a look at shopping for a transfer in the Chalk Couture Chalkstyle Digital Catalog.

Similar process. As you browse, you should see white circles appear and fade out over the items you can purchase. You can click on any of them to buy that item.

Same thing but Click on the white circle and you should get a popup with the product and an add to cart button, which you can also dismiss by clicking the X if you need to.

NOW… when you want to check out, there is a Shopping Cart icon at the top of the page. Click on that to complete your transaction.

SOMETHING TO NOTE: Chalk Couture did a great job on the Chalk Couture Chalkstyle Digital Catalog, | but | I’m not sure how I feel about that Back to Products Button. That button takes you to my store rather than back to the catalog. If you want to leave the catalog you certainly can at that point. If not, I suggest hitting your BROWSER’s BACK button to return to the catalog.

Hope that helps. Here’s a video to explain it too.

Hope this Chalk Couture Chalkstyle Digital Catalog helps make your shopping easy and convenient.

Stay safe and Chalk On,

Jessica Wilson


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